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When sourcing electronics manufacturers, what should I prepare for?
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Interesting Engineering

This tube-free intelligent stethoscope assists healthcare professionals...a new option to monitor your health!

Supply Chain Challenge: Shortage of Multilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitors (MLCC)

If you are wondering...What is MLCC? Why the shortage of MLCC happens? Where can I find the alternative solution to purchase MLCC? Then here are the answers. #MLCC #PassiveComponent #Walsin #PDC

Get Started with Your Voice-controlled Smart Home

Wanna build your own smart home applications? 🤖 Here are some recommended solutions you may like to use.
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Hidden technology in play at World Cup 2018

⚽🏆2018 FIFA World Cup is about to kick off in Russia. Various technological tools in the background are set to provide support and give extra information during the 64 matches.
#FifaWorldCup2018 #Technology

5 Things You Should Avoid in Starting IoT Startups

Things to avoid while running your IoT startup!
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What are the key elements for electronic product design? electrical design, mechanical design, and what else?
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UCLA Bioengineer Develops SLA 3D Printer That Produces Complex Artificial Tissues | All3DP

Researchers from UCLA have developed a SLA-based bioprinter that is able to create therapeutic biomaterials from multiple materials. This advancement could potentially be used for on-demand printing of complex artificial tissues for use in transplants and other surgeries.


🤔How do you imagine drones can help you at work? Share your ideas with us 👉

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To make sure your product can be launched on time, it's critical to have clear expectation and schedule of mass production. There are 3 development phases of a hardware product you need to go through before mass production:
1) #EVT
2) #DVT
3) #PVT
Schedule is one of the key consideration while sourcing manufacturers!
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Circuit Breaker

what a tiny UV sensor! 😲☀️

Attended Computex 2018? More Wearable Suppliers Here

📈Have you noticed the growth in the wearable market? ⌚Planning to develop your own wearable products?
💡 We'd love to share the trustworthy suppliers to help you develop wearable IoT products!
#wearable #IoT #Computex2018 #HardwareStartup

Your IIoT Ecosystem Suppliers in Hand Aside from Computex 2018

Visited Computex 2018 yet? Looking for IIoT ecosystem suppliers?
👉 Here are the IIoT suppliers who can help you at any stage of developing IIoT products.
#IIoT #computex #computex2018

Request for Quotation (RFQ): Sourcing Electronics Manufacturers—Part 2 Business

🤔After preparing product description and technical specification, What should I do next? 💰Here are the commercial elements that will impact on supplier procurement and then the #RFQ.
#HardwareStartup #ElectronicsManufacturers #Outsourcing

Request for Quotation (RFQ): Sourcing Electronics Manufacturers—Part 1 Product

💡Hello innovators, don't know how to communicate with manufacturers while sourcing your hardware product? 📜#RFQ preparation is the critical step to help suppliers understand your product and requirements.
👉 Here are the essential elements you should not skip!
#EMS #HardwareStartup

FutureShift by Mashable

😲 So cool to control a group of flying Lego! 🎮🚀


😲 See the weed-killing robots! 🤖

How Can Hardware Startups Find and Evaluate Their Product-Market-Fit (PMF)?

👉 What is product market fit (PMF)? Why should startups evaluate product market fit? How can product market fit help startups find the value of its product?
#HardwareStartup #ProductMarketFit #PMF #Startups

From Concept to Production: 5 Key Steps to Manufacturing Your Electronic Device

👉The important steps to guide you from concept to mass production!

Design for Manufacturing - the Process All Hardware Startups Should not Overlook

💡What is #DFM (Design for Manufacturing)? 👉This is the process all hardware startups Should NOT Overlook
#DesignForManufacturing #Startups #HardwareStartups

OEM v.s ODM: What Makers Should Know

While outsourcing the hardware project, should I find OEM or ODM company?
#ODM #OEM #ContractManufacturer

5 Selected Smart City Startups to Watch

Are you working on a smart city project? What technologies are you applying? Check the 5 selected startups build applications in different industries!
#SmartCity #HardwareStartup #Startups

10 Point Checklist for Hardware Startups to Evaluate Electronics Manufacturers

🤔Take lots of time but cannot find the qualified electronics manufacturers?
👉Here are the tips you should know before evaluating the supplier!
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🤓Can you find the Easter egg of TechDesign? 🐰🥚May the Easter holiday bring you and your family with lots of love, joy, and happiness!

German Startup Brings Smart Gloves to Industries

👉The German startup develops smart gloves in automotive industry. Check how they apply the IoT solution to factories!
#IoT #Startup #SmartGloves

Smart Home Market 2017: 4 Consumer Trends Startups Should Be Aware Of

💡For hardware startups, it's essentially to understand consumers' real needs and find the ways to match them. Here are 4 key smart home trends all startups should know!
#SmartHome #HardwareStartup #Startups


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Robotics+IoT=The Internet of Robotic Things

🤖 What is IoRT (the Internet of Robotics Things)? Why is IoRT becoming a booming trend in consumer market and industrial sector? Here are the introduction to IoRT trend, IoRT applications, and useful reference design robots.
#IoRT #Robotics #ReferenceDesign